About me

My name is Jasmin. Supporting others to find and deepen their practice with varied sequences, diverse asana variations and lots of hands-on adjustments and individual tips is my specialty. I love to inspire others with my curiosity and energy. My yoga journey started unexpectedly over 5 years ago when a friend invited me to a Bikram Yoga class. This made me try Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga later on during a surf holiday on the canary islands and I instantly fell in love with it: Working towards a better balance of body and mind, creating positive energy but also the relaxation felt through energetic and conscious movements and increasing self-awareness with the Hatha Yoga practice, fascinated me. After practicing in various schools in Basel and Zurich, I decided to complete the Teacher Training at Sanapurna in 2019 with the intention to impact my own and my students’ lives on and off the mat. Inspiration for my classes are drawn from diverse areas of my life, including CrossFit (being a CrossFit Level 1 Coach), business management, (working as a business leader), friends and poetry (enjoying to write and discover language).

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